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The retail sector has been looking for new ways to make a profit by using data and connecting systems to improve the experience of customers and employees, drive new revenue channels, and gain a competitive advantage.

And APIs are the driving force behind this digital transformation.

In this eBook, we'll explain why and how retail has been using APIs to strengthen competitive advantage.

What you will find in this content:

  • An increasingly digital retail;
  • The Benefits of Retail Digitisation;
  • Customising customer experiences;
  • Enabling Connections for Business Performance;
  • How can an Event-oriented perspective help the retailer?
  • Preparing your e-commerce for Black Friday.

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Sensedia recognized by Forrester Wave as a Leader for API Management Solutions

How can Sensedia help you?

Omnichannel, marketplace, new digital channels, real-time tracking, contextbased offers. An API platform enables a series of decisive advantages for competitiveness in retail and e-commerce.


Extending the connection to business partners

Integration through a RESTful API, which allows the exchange of information in different protocols. Therefore, businesses are empowered end-to-end, providing a network of connections with more resources.


Innovation and security

With open APIs, developers can easily create applications and business models using the services and products available in their APIs. Apply a series of security mechanisms to the flow of APIs (OAuth 2.0, injections, IP filtering, among others).

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Monitoring of channels and metrics analysis

This advantage promotes the analysis of metrics for optimising the business and identifying which components are the most important in the solutions and provide insight into the status of your business processes.


Real-time responses

APIs enable you to respond to customer feedback immediately, giving you that competitive edge when it comes to developing, running and analyzing marketing campaigns.


Omnichannel and marketplaces

APIs allow the services of your internal systems to be delivered through different interfaces and devices, enabling seamless customer routines. The marketplace strategy expands the product offering, and reduces the need for inventory and logistics efforts, which are from other companies.


Scalability and monetisation

it is possible to install the platform in the cloud with auto-scaling so that the platform continues to attend calls, even with a large variation in traffic, such as during Black Friday. You also create different usage plans and monetisation strategies for APIs such as Developer pay.

Client's stories


Natura is a global personal care cosmetics group, with more than US$10 billion revenue (2018). Luciano Abrantes, CTO at Natura, tells how APIs helped the company to grow sales channels, and how they helped to connect Natura with the independent distributors, the major sales force of the company, through digital experiences


Brazilian pharmacy chain, Panvel, is a major player in the south and part of Dimed Group. Dimed Group CIO, Alexandre Arnold, outlines how it was one of the first to embrace APIs, using them to connect stores to mobile apps, giving customers a better digital experience.


Aliansce Sonae is a malls manager in Brazil, with over than 40 malls. Fabio Moraes, CIO at Aliansce Sonae tells how APIs changed the business, allowing digital experiences for customers and partners, reducing integration cycles and enabling omnichannel experiences.


Netshoes is a brazilian e-commerce sporting goods conglomerate with overt than US$570 millions of revenue. Andre Petenussi, EX-CIO at Netshoes, tells the importance of APIs to build partners integration and to build marketplaces faster.


A Natura é um grupo global de cosméticos, com mais de US$10 bilhões de receita (2018). Luciano Abrantes, CTO da Natura, conta como as APIs ajudaram a empresa a aumentar os canais de vendas conectando a Natura com os distribuidores independentes, que são sua a maior força de vendas, através de experiências digitais


A rede de farmácias brasileiras, Panvel, é um dos principais players do Sul e faz parte do Grupo Dimed. Alexandre Arnold, CIO do Dimed Group, descreve como foi um dos primeiros a adotar as APIs, para se conectar com lojas a aplicativos, dando aos clientes uma melhor experiência digital.


Aliansce Sonae é gerente de shoppings no Brasil, com mais de 40 shoppings. Fabio Moraes, CIO da Aliansce Sonae conta como as APIs mudaram o negócio, permitindo experiências digitais para clientes e parceiros, reduzindo os ciclos de integração e possibilitando experiências omnichannel.


A Netshoes é um conglomerado brasileiro e-commerce de produtos esportivos com faturamento superior a US$570 milhões. Andre Petenussi, EX-CIO da Netshoes, conta a importância das APIs para construir a integração de parceiros e para construir marketplaces mais rapidamente.


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