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and its observability, control, and security benefits.

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What are the main features of Service Mesh?

API Adaptive Governance How it impacts your Operation and Business

What issues will Microservices and Service Mesh address?

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Are Microservices and Service Mesh suitable for
all scenarios?


About Sensedia

Sensedia focuses on modern integrations solutions and offers world-class products, such as the Sensedia API Platform, Adaptive Governance, Events Hub, Service Mesh and Cloud Connectors. The company also provides Strategy & Professional Services around full life cycle API management. Sensedia has more than 100 enterprise customers (Banks, Payments, Insurers, Retailers, marketplaces, among others.)


Sensedia is recognized by the Gartner Magic Quadrant as Visionary and by the Forrester Wave report as a Strong Performer, both regarding our full life cycle management products.
Sensedia is also recognized as a Leader among API Strategy and Delivery Service Providers by the Forrester Wave.