Event-Driven Architecture: the real-life challenges and how to overcome them

Discover what is the common challenges and the different EDA approaches that can change the way your business delivers values to your customers.


Gibson Nascimentogibson

Head of Solutions EMEA


Luiz CherriWebinar_EDA_EMEA_foto_Cherri_LP_Outubro_2020

Lead Solutions Architect

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Webinar Event-Driven

An Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) uses changes (events) to send asynchronous communications, very common in modern applications based on Microservices. Although that may look simple, there are some challenges to overcome when it comes to its implementation. In this webinar, we want to share the common challenges and the different EDA approaches to be taken when deciding to adopt this architecture that can change the way your business operates and delivers values to your customers.

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